My aim is to capture the wonders in what I see- that one image, frozen in time, never to be exactly duplicated.  It's all about the feel for that moment ,where, when, how, certainly not why, that's already well established in my mind.

It's all about the thrill of scouting out locations, revisiting potential camera angles, confirming dawn or dusk, finally the shutter clicks.

WOW, the adrenalin really peaks, the sheer exhilaration of knowing that this could be  that special image I want to share .

With our family now scattered around the world I am privileged to experience a wide range of Landscapes and the Flora & Fauna that provides.

For all of the above I am still amazed by the hidden beauty my camera helps me to reveal in my own backyard.

I'm very lucky.

I have the assistance of a spotter, driver, tripod carrier and most important of all, listener.

My friends refer to him as my husband

No Closer!

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